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K & N has been in business since 1972 and has used the exact same concept since that time. K & N Mobile sells business to business. We sell repair and maintenance supplies to any type of business that manufactures or repairs any type of machinery from our "Mobile Parts Store". Our customer base is enormous because of the product mix we carry on our "Mobile Parts Store". We sell to automotive shops, truck repair shops, forklift shops, heavy equipment shops, companies that repair or maintain their own fleets, RV Repair companies, marine dealerships, any business that manufactures any type of machinery and businesses or factories that have their own maintenance facilities.
The franchisee makes monthly or semi-monthly visits to their customers and replaces the parts they have used during the previous month. Each month they check their customers parts bins, replace the parts the customer is in need of from their "Mobile Parts Store", invoice the customer from their onboard computer for the parts they are leaving that day, restock the customer's parts bins with the products they purchased that day and leave an invoice with the customer. They are then on to their next customer to repeat the same process.
K & N's franchisees' parts are automatically restocked every two weeks from our warehouse in Fort Worth, TX. Each evening the franchisee does an End of Day Procedure from his truck computer which transmits that day's business to the corporate office in Fort Worth. Every two weeks a file is downloaded from K & N's office and sent to the warehouse for a franchisee's automatic stock replacement to be pulled and shipped to the franchisee.

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