Mack's Tenders

Mack's Tenders

Mack’s Tenders Founder and CEO, Mike Rosenberger, is a successful Entrepreneur and Restaurateur with over 30 years in franchising. Mike created Dick’s Wings in 1994 and grew the chain to 40 locations before taking the company public in 2011. Mack’s Tenders is Mike’s latest vision for an exciting QSR model. Created with a simple goal, to craft the perfect chicken tender. Starting with fresh, never frozen tenders Mike’s team of chefs created fried panko crusted and savory grilled chicken tenders with special seasonings that balance the natural flavor of the chicken. They then complemented the Tenders with 30 special sauces especially designed for dipping. We have one of the lowest initial investments available for a QSR Restaurant, size is 1,400-1,600 square feet unit with seating capacity of 30-50 and only 4-5 employees are needed to operate. Simple menu, low overhead and easy to learn processes make this the perfect QSR choice for the novice or the veteran restaurant owner.

Key Differentiators are:
  • Fresh, Never Frozen Chicken Tenders Fired with a Light Panko Crust
  • Healthy Grilled Options
  • Choice of Waffle Fries, Sweet Potato Tots, and Crinkle-cut Fries
  • Chicken Tender Tacos
  • Chicken Tender Wraps
  • New York Style Sour Pickles
  • 30 Flavor Sauce Bar
  • In Line Locations with Smaller Footprint, Lower Initial Investment and Lower Operating Overhead
Original target audience was 19-40 year olds who grew up eating chicken tenders. However, we quickly found our customer base to be much larger and we are currently serving our delicious chicken tenders to every age group from 3-90. This is a menu item that is loved by most of the population and even those with discerning taste or looking for a healthier option can find a Mack’s Tender to match their palette. No other single QSR food item has such broad based customer appeal!

Mack's TendersMack's Tenders
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