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Although there is no such thing as a free lunch, the Go Franchise Free Consultation will never cost you anything, will add enormous value to your search, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to manage your franchise search and, by extension, your future. The following are some frequently asked questions concerning our Free Consultations:

Process of Buying a Franchise


Franchisees should search for a franchisor who is helpful and encouraging.


As a franchise is a long-term investment, choose a company that you’ll be interested in for the long haul.

Determine the parameters of your transaction by asking precise questions regarding procedures, support, and terms of service.

As a new company owner, franchising may be a viable choice. You have a broad range of choices since franchises exist in almost every business. Go Franchise consultants will help you find the right franchise to buy.

Buying into a franchise gives you access to an established product or service while yet allowing you to work for yourself. A solid match for your passion and skill set is essential, but it’s not the only thing you need to look for. Among the various considerations are franchise charges and the level of assistance provided by the company’s HQs


Top Questions to Ask Before Buying into a Franchise

Begin by asking yourself the following questions to get a sense of where you should begin your franchise search:

  • Individually, what do I want to accomplish in life?
  • Which business sector am I interested in?
  • What are my professional talents?
  • What role do I play for the company?
  • What level of dedication am I willing to give?
  • How much money do I have to invest?
What to Look for in a Franchise Disclosure Document?

FDD outlines the 23 responsibilities a franchisor has to its franchisees. Before any money is transferred, this agreement must be given to franchisees. Here are some things to consider during your due diligence:

  • Lawsuits that have taken place in the past or are currently pending.
  • The model of payments and revenue.
  • History of turnover and any issues with the franchise system.

A franchise disclosure form is critical to a franchising agreement, and you should engage an expert franchise lawyer to analyze and advise on the requirements of this document.

What to look for in a franchise opportunity

In the end, you’ll have to pick which franchise to go with after deciding on a certain industry and business plan. Consider the following while making a decision:

  • Franchisees benefit from a solid network of support.
  • The potential is worth the investment.
  • Professionalism of the franchisor.
  • Both parties have the same expectations.
  • Proven methods of sales and marketing.
  • Strength of on-line reviews.
  • What are the opinions of existing franchisees?
  • Discussions at formal gatherings

Look for a franchisor that will be a real partner in supporting your franchise’s development. Obtain information on how a franchisor helps its partners by speaking with existing franchisees and asking specific questions of franchise officials.

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Richard Chador in St. Petersburg FL

Mike has been a mentor for me. Mike’s experience in the wonderful world of franchising seems endless, and he’s very generous with his knowledge. Most recently I came to a serious impasse and was considering leaving the industry. I called Mike for advice. We got on a call and he went through my process. He gave me two “tweaks” that were game-changers. No exaggeration, once again Mike’s good counsel was enormous. Thank you so much Mike!

Richard Chador St. Petersburg FL

Red Boswell, IFPG President

Mike Handy has a true servant's heart. He has helped grow IFPG membership through his passion for changing lives for the better.

Mike genuinely wants to see IFPG consultants succeed and always goes the extra mile to ensure they are armed with the right tools from day one.

When new consultants come to IFPG for training, I know they are in good hands with Mike. They are learning from the best of the best.

Don Daszkowski, IFPG CEO and Founder

Mike is a great friend and has been a major contributor to IFPG's success and growth. He has ushered hundreds of new franchise consultant trainees into successful business ownership with a never-ending enthusiasm and passion.

Mike has spread his positivity throughout our organization and has been a force behind our amazing culture. Mike's dedication to ethical business practices has helped us earn our reputation as the most-respected franchise broker network.

As I look back at everything IFPG has accomplished in the last decade, Mike has played an important part every step of the way. 

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