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Thousands of franchises have been launched throughout North America thanks to Go Franchise’s unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of our company. Go Franchise is a network of over 100 local consultants that work independently to discover franchisees who are eager to buy into a quality franchise. A unique personality and financial evaluation is used to match potential franchise owners with available franchises in our inventory. In order to assure our customers’ success, we collaborate with the top franchise groups.


Broker Relationship with the Franchisor

Businesses utilize the franchise model to engage with reputable investors and grow their brands (aka franchisees). Franchisors depend on franchise cbrokerss to identify potential franchisees. They like working with advisors that are knowledgeable about their brand and the sort of franchisees who will best represent the franchise brand. Franchise brokers and franchisors are in a “brokering” relationship. Franchise cbrokerss, in the viewpoint of the franchisor, are facilitating a deal between the franchisor and an investor (franchisee) in exchange for a fee (paid by the franchisor).

“Broker” and “consultant” are commonly used interchangeably in the franchising sector.

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Mike has been a mentor for me. Mike’s experience in the wonderful world of franchising seems endless, and he’s very generous with his knowledge. Most recently I came to a serious impasse and was considering leaving the industry. I called Mike for advice. We got on a call and he went through my process. He gave me two “tweaks” that were game-changers. No exaggeration, once again Mike’s good counsel was enormous. Thank you so much Mike!

Richard Chador St. Petersburg FL

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