Vitality Bowls

Vitality Bowls

We are typically cheaper to start up than most other quick service restaurant concepts. We are young and still have really good markets still available. As we are a newer franchise, candidates get to work with the owners versus field representatives. We focus on quality ingredients, maximizing organic ingredients and we have a broader menu to drive a higher ticket price. Ave. ticket price is $14.50 - $17.40. We strive hard at creating an unmatched customer experience. Most other competitors use less “Superfood” ingredients in their base; utilize ice, milk powder as fillers and add sugar. We are a “Non-cross contamination” kitchen and focus on allergy sensitivity. No other concepts are doing this, as we know of it today.

We are seeing a solid growing demand and interest in Healthy food. Very little is recession proof, however at a certain price point, people will always demand and seek out quality food and excellent service and a social friendly environment.

Vitality BowlsVitality Bowls
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