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Information Gathering

Go Franchise wants to learn about your professional goals. The more we understand you, the better options we will be able to present to you.


Researching Your Options

Based on your preferences, our expert franchise brokers will research potential matches with the top franchise brands.

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Discussing Your Potential Future Business

A dedicated Go Franchise consultants will walk you the details of each franchise brand to help you select the best franchises options.

Qualified Candidates for Quality Franchises

Speaking with Your Future Franchise Partner–The Franchisor

When you are ready to  buy a franchise, Go Franchise consulting will help you make the most educated choice for your new business venture.

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Why Go Franchise

Our organization is a member of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), which means we can provide you with a wealth of information to help you with your search. When you engage with professionally trained franchise consultants, you’re getting access to a franchise expert who has a system in place to assist you choose the ideal firm for you.

Richard Chador in St. Petersburg FL

Mike has been a mentor for me. Mike’s experience in the wonderful world of franchising seems endless, and he’s very generous with his knowledge. Most recently I came to a serious impasse and was considering leaving the industry. I called Mike for advice. We got on a call and he went through my process. He gave me two “tweaks” that were game-changers. No exaggeration, once again Mike’s good counsel was enormous. Thank you so much Mike!

Richard Chador St. Petersburg FL

Red Boswell, IFPG President

Mike Handy has a true servant's heart. He has helped grow IFPG membership through his passion for changing lives for the better.

Mike genuinely wants to see IFPG consultants succeed and always goes the extra mile to ensure they are armed with the right tools from day one.

When new consultants come to IFPG for training, I know they are in good hands with Mike. They are learning from the best of the best.

Don Daszkowski, IFPG CEO and Founder

Mike is a great friend and has been a major contributor to IFPG's success and growth. He has ushered hundreds of new franchise consultant trainees into successful business ownership with a never-ending enthusiasm and passion.

Mike has spread his positivity throughout our organization and has been a force behind our amazing culture. Mike's dedication to ethical business practices has helped us earn our reputation as the most-respected franchise broker network.

As I look back at everything IFPG has accomplished in the last decade, Mike has played an important part every step of the way. 

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What does a franchise consultant do?

The role of a franchise consultant is to assist entrepreneurs in their road to become franchise owners; they are not salesmen. They’re assistants and coaches. A franchise broker, on the other hand, is a person who works as a representative of the franchisor’s development team, selling franchises on their behalf.

How much does franchising consulting business charge?

Yes, it’s completely free. Hundreds of franchisors, licensing and business opportunities, as well as existing companies for sale, collaborate with us. These companies enlist our assistance in locating suitable and knowledgeable purchasers. Employers pay “Head Hunters” or employee placement services to locate qualified applicants, and these corporations pay us directly to assist them in locating qualified franchisees. While our services might be very helpful, you will never be charged anything more for using our Free Consultation.

Does utilizing a Franchise Consultant increase my startup expenses?
Your startup expenses will not be impacted. When we connect a customer to a Franchisor, Licensing, or Business Opportunity, the Franchisor realizes that potential Franchisee has been informed about their offering. In a nutshell, Franchisors utilize our services to locate competent individuals that are familiar with their company concept and possess a great grasp of their own abilities.
Questions to ask a franchise consultant.

Here are three qualifying questions to ask a franchise consultant before you interact with them:

  1. Is there a fee for your assistance in locating a good franchise investment?
  2. What is your professional background and franchising experience?
  3. What is the extent of your involvement in the search?
What if I don’t want to buy a Franchise or a business? Am I obligated to keep working with you?

Of course not. If you decide at any point that you are not ready to buy a franchise, please let us know and we will wish you luck. Because not everyone is cut out to be a Franchisee, if you–or we–discover that you’d be better off doing something else, the process may be halted or placed on pause.

Why can’t I simply contact the Franchises that I already know I like myself?
You can, but you may eventually find out (often after many hours of research and waiting for information) that the Franchises that you like may not be able to meet your goals, that is why receiving help from a trained professional can streamline your search. We have direct access to to hundreds of opportunities that understand and appreciate that we help our clients become better educated about business ownership. In short, we can save you a lot of time and energy while getting you in front of the right people.
How long will the Free Consultation take?
Everyone is a little different, but in general the initial call can take under an hour or in some cases may take 2 hours. In any case, there is never a fee and when completed, you’ll have a much better understanding of what contributes to a successful business venture.


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