songs for seeds

songs for seeds

Extremely Low Overhead: songs for seeds leverages underutilized spaces in kid-friendly businesses. We partner with ballet studios, karate dojos, churches, synagogues, toy stores, community centers, or anywhere that has 600-800 square feet of unused space in the mornings. All birthday parties and other event materials are mobile, allowing musicians to perform wherever they are hired. Therefore, rent is only paid when classes are running, and employees are only paid when they are leading a class. Subsequently, this low overhead results in lower risk and higher-profitability business model.

Business-In-A-Roadie Box: At the core of songs for seeds is our carefully engineered Roadie Box. This convenient, mobile tool includes all the supplies a Franchise Owner needs to run their classes and easily allows them to transport their business to new locations, parties, or functions, providing them with a rare amount of flexibility and freedom. The Roadie Box will ensure Owners never have to worry about getting tied down to a poorly performing location.
Cross Marketing: By building relationships with customers who attend songs for seeds regularly, Franchise Owners can grow their birthday party, school function, local farmers market, or other event client base! This allows them to implement effective cross-marketing strategies accessing kids all over town while keeping marketing dollars at a minimum.

Simple Expansion: Once an Owner is successful in their first location, the formula is simple and easy to follow allowing for the business to easily and quickly scale by adding an additional second, third or fourth location. Franchise Owners can offer their part-time musicians additional hours during the week giving them more work while they leverage existing marketing efforts to reach a wider audience.

Ownership Flexibility: Owning a songs for seeds is a full-time effort but only has part-time, in-class hours. While marketing and customer service require continual effort, there are only a limited number of hours when customers are needing the presence of the Owner. Several of our Franchise Owners are working in other fields while still operating the business while they enjoy the flexibility of creating a schedule around the lifestyle they have always wanted.

Enduring Concept: The need for early childhood education is not going anywhere. Now, more than ever, parents are understanding the need to start educating their kids as early as possible. This is not a business that will ever “go out of style” based on the simple fact that parents will always want to offer their children the best of the best when it comes to fun, educational classes.

Community Oriented: Our current Owners are always telling us how satisfying it is to make a difference in their community. We love hearing about the impact each one has made among the parent population in their local areas and how they are positively impacting families of young children.

songs for seedssongs for seeds
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