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Guide to E2 Business Visa Requirements

More than 30 countries with which the United States has a trade treaty allow their citizens or nationals to apply for a special type of U.S. visa called an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa.

Foreign nationals with significant financial resources may get an E-2 visa to enter the United States in order to take part in a new business company.


E-2 Visa Minimum Investment Requirements

People with an investment capital of at least $100,000 to $200,000 USD are prime candidates for the E-2 visa. 

The E-2 visa allows investors to borrow money, but the loan must be secured by the company’s assets or USCIS will view the lender as the true investor.

The minimum amount USCIS will accept for a visa application is $50,000 USD, although this is only in extreme circumstances.


E-2 Business Visa Requirements

The E-2 Investor Visa is a fantastic choice for a foreign individual who wishes to purchase a franchise in the United States. A national of a treaty country who has made a substantial investment in a U.S. business may be eligible for a non-immigrant visa that will allow them to work in the United States.

Any business that intends to employ citizens or permanent residents of the United States is eligible for an E-2 visa. It’s possible that, depending on the company model, you can get started with very little money and no staff at all.

  • The individual investor must provide evidence that their main motivation for coming to the United States is the establishment or expansion of a business.
  • Owning at least 50% of the company or holding a substantial management or leadership role that grants operational control both serve as evidence of the investor’s willingness to develop the firm.
  • For something to be considered an “investment,” it must be possible to sustain a loss of principal. Furthermore, the investor must provide evidence that none of the funds were obtained through any form of unlawful activity.


No investment can be considered “marginal,” meaning there must be a good chance to yield enough money to support the visa holder and his or her family in the United States in the first five years after entry.

The company also needs its own permanent location. You can’t run an E-2 company out of someone’s house.

E-2 investments are available for most franchise businesses. It is illegal for private investors to utilize their funds to create new positions for themselves. Based on our vast experience, the company needs to hire an additional three to five people to succeed.


E-2 Visa Timelines and Expectations 

A valid E-2 visa can be used for a maximum of two years, and it can be extended indefinitely by up to two years at a time.

The processing period for an E-2 visa might range from two weeks to five months, depending on the consulate you apply to. The consulate will schedule an interview with the candidate following the first screening.

All E-2 visa holders have unrestricted entry and exit from the United States. Upon re-entry to the country, the primary visa holder will receive an automatic two-year extension.

Family members should keep track of their own stay limits and file for any necessary E-2 extensions on time since this policy does not apply to them.

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