Converting Your Business into a Franchise

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How To Franchise Your Business?


Franchising might be the key to realizing your full potential for development. Go Franchise is a full-service franchise consulting firm that can assist you in determining whether or not you are a suitable fit for franchising.

What does it mean to be franchise-ready? No one is ready until they have completed the full four-phase procedure, but there are a number of markers that may help you determine if you are a suitable candidate. Before you make a choice to continue ahead, we address these with you.

Our team has all of the required franchise legal, business and operations, franchise, and franchise sales and marketing expertise to guide you through every step of the franchise process.

If you’re considering turning your business into a quality franchise, you should weigh all of your options before making a choice. We’ll assist you in determining if franchising your company is a realistic choice for you.


Mike has been a mentor for me. Mike’s experience in the wonderful world of franchising seems endless, and he’s very generous with his knowledge. Most recently I came to a serious impasse and was considering leaving the industry. I called Mike for advice. We got on a call and he went through my process. He gave me two “tweaks” that were game-changers. No exaggeration, once again Mike’s good counsel was enormous. Thank you so much Mike!

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Should you convert an existing business to franchise?

Franchising your business can be an economical method to expand. You will not be required to bear the expense of new premises or workers. Additional sales result in increased profit, and if this profit is retained in the business over time, you should have a saleable asset for the future.

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What are main benefits of franchise ownership?

Here are some of the top benefits of being a franchisor:

1. Capitalized Expansion
2. Continuing Revenue Streams
3. Brand Development
4. Economies of Scale
5. Managerial Talent”

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